Way to Make a Statement Furniture Piece for Your Home

Way to Make a Statement Furniture Piece for Your Home

Sometimes you’ll get the chance to walk into a furniture store, or even a friend’s house, and right away your eyes are drawn to a particular chair, sofa, table, apothecary, or other piece of furniture that really stands out . It’s often bold and large, but doesn’t necessarily have to be. Sometimes it is a particular vintage piece, clearly having a history that makes people want to ask questions. At other times, it’s a brightly coloured piece, or one with an intricate design or trimming.

Using a statement piece in your home, especially in your lounge room, is a great way to make your house an exciting space and one that you’re happy to show to guests. Here are a few suggestions for choosing and using the right statement piece of furniture.

Think about Your Floors When Choosing a Colour

One of the most common ways to make a statement with furniture is to have one or two very colourful pieces. When you’re choosing the colour, think about what type of floor it will sit on. Very dark floors go great with bright yellows and blues. Medium timber floors work well with reds, and if you have a light timber or tile floor, contrast it with dark furniture.

You should also of course think about the walls or other immovable pieces of your room. It’s always possible to organise other furniture around a central piece, but much harder to change walls and floors. As two of the largest surfaces in any room, your walls and floors can really make your furniture pop.

Don’t Go Overboard

What truly makes a statement is the ability to isolate what you should be looking at; what your eyes are drawn to. It can be very enticing to make all of your furniture a statement piece -- but that’s an easy way to make a room look too busy. Have one or two pieces per room that clearly stand out, and make the rest functional and fitting.

Try Vintage

Pieces that make a statement can be ones that clearly are from a different era than the rest. Whether it’s a genuine antique or simply a new design that speaks to a particular architectural and design era and place, having a vintage piece among modern furniture is a clear winner.

Find One Thing to Match

Your statement piece stands out by nature. It should be different from the nearby furniture and ornaments so it truly is eye catching. However, you can match it to one thing in your space to make it feel more integrated. For example, if you have a Bari modular corner sofa , think about adding a vase of red flowers on a side table nearby, or hanging a red picture frame on the wall behind it.

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