Use the Space at Home to Give a Fresh and Modern Look

Use the Space at Home to Give a Fresh and Modern Look

Updating Your Space at Home
Have you ever walked into your lounge room and realised it had become cluttered and overstuffed? Maybe the season has changed and all of a sudden you have too little light to fill the room. Or perhaps you simply feel the need to redecorate. Whatever your motivations, here are a few way to update your lounge room that let you get the most out of the space you have.

See the Back Wall
When you are arranging furniture, try to create straight lines and walkways that lead directly across the room. When someone enters the lounge room from one entrance, they should be able to walk straight to the back wall and to the exit of the room without obstructions. This sometimes means organising lounge furniture in squares facing each other, or against corners to create more central space. By creating clear walkways, you’ll give the impression of more space (and have a quicker exit in case of an emergency).

Think of Furniture Relationships
Rather than simply throwing furniture into a room into areas where it physically fits, think about how you use the furniture. Do you want multiple seating areas, like a suite sofa and a lounge chair, to face each other? Do you prefer all seating to face a television and entertainment unit? Are side tables in places that are easily accessible from your seating, or near doorways and entrances? Using this relational principle will help you figure out what furniture you need and how it should be arranged within a room.

Mirrors Bring in More Light
One of the most common wishes we hear when it comes to arranging lounge rooms is control over light. Of course, having sufficient lamps and overhead lamp fixtures will let you have full control of light at night, but there are some ways to bring in as much natural light as possible during the day.

Put in a few mirrors that face windows which receive sunlight and have them face each other. This is an easy way to get lots of extra light reflecting into your room. You can frame mirrors with trims that match your feature furniture as well, making them go with the overall aesthetic and not seem out of place.

Use Hooks and Levels
One of the easiest ways to remove clutter is to utilise your wall space with strategically placed hooks -- nails or hook adhesives both work depending on what you intend to hold on them. This can be a place to hold bags and jackets that may otherwise be strewn across couches or even create contraptions for papers and remote controls lying about.

There are many ways to arrange your lounge room to get the most out of your space. We can help you find furniture that looks great, lasts years, and meets your budget. Come visit our furniture showroom  in Newcastle today or call us on 02 4040 4371.

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