Buying Furniture Without Hurting Your Wallet

Buying Furniture Without Hurting Your Wallet

If you’re moving, just bought a new house, or decide it’s time to give up your current furniture you’re probably looking to redecorate without breaking the bank.

Buying furniture is an investment in itself. You’re the one using it more than anyone else, and you interact with it every day. That’s why it’s so important to choose home furniture you like, that will last a long time, and that fits your lifestyle. That being said, there are ways to make buying quality furniture more affordable and achievable.

Look for the Best Deal
Though it would be nice to be able to walk into any store and walk out with a new recliner without a second thought, many of us need to do some research to make sure we’re getting the best value. This doesn’t always mean the cheapest -- it’s important to consider how long it will last, if you have access to a warranty, how it’s manufactured, and how much you’ll use it.   Find out more about how to choose furniture for your home .

By doing a bit of research online before you go to the showroom, you can walk in equipped with the knowledge of the current market value of the furniture you want. Some stores, including Horton’s Furniture, will beat competitor’s prices on the same item if you find the one you want. This is why it’s important to look around in store, as well as online. Sets of furniture will also often end up being cheaper to buy together rather than individual pieces over multiple shopping trips. Remember to look for value rather than straight cost.

Wait for Sales
If you’re able to wait, holding off on buying furniture until annual or semi-annual sales can be a great way to save money. Whether it’s waiting for Boxing Day or specific sales by furniture stores, these events can be a treasure trove for your living room.

You can also look for sales and specials pages, which may have great deals on furniture you want.

Have a List
As with any type of shopping, it’s good to have a list of what you need and stick to it. This way, you’ll be better able to budget for your furniture and not get caught up buying something you don’t need -- and forgetting something you do.

If you come into a furniture showroom with a list of what you need and an estimate of what you expect to pay for it, you may be surprised by some of the great deals you’ll get in store. It’s ok to be flexible on your budget if you’re getting everything you need and it’s a good value.

To view incredible deals on high quality new furniture in Newcastle, visit one of our two showrooms or call us on 02 4040 4371. Our friendly staff will be able to help you find the perfect home furniture to fit your budget.

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