7 Tips for Buying Furniture to Fit Your Home

7 Tips for Buying Furniture to Fit Your Home

All too often we have customers wishing to return items because they came into our store, fell in love with a comfortable recliner chair, took it home, and realised it didn’t fit. We recommend using the following tips when it comes to measuring in preparation for new furniture.

Only Do It Once  

To make things easier on yourself, measure your space once and write down your measurements in a place that’s accessible -- perhaps on a note on the fridge or even saved under a “room measurements” contact on your phone. It’s not a bad idea to have a sketch of the floorplan as part of the measurements, so you can consider how you can rearrange furniture as well.

Start with the Door  

Measure your front door, the hallway, and entrances into the room you are furnishing. One of the most common mistakes we’ve seen is furniture that fits in the room, but we cannot get through the door in the first place. Make sure you take down all measurements for stairs, passages, and entryways that furniture would need to get through. When you measure doors, double check that you’re taking the inside measurements of the frame rather than the outside.

You should aim to have at least ten centimetres clearance for the furniture on all sides.

Get All the Numbers

Don’t forget to get height, width, and diagonal measurements, especially for areas such as corners and stairways.

Think about What You Can’t Move  

You should consider your light fixtures, ceiling hangings, or other things you can’t really move when hauling furniture into a room. Find out if you can temporarily remove them to make room, or if they need to stay in place. When you’re taking measurements for the actual room that you are furnishing, don’t forget to measure and mark fireplaces, mantelpieces, and other immovable architectural pieces.

Measure the Room

Take the measurements from the front entrance to the back wall. Measure the length and width, as well as the height of the ceiling for taller pieces. Measure the height of the wall up the windowsill if you are considering putting tables or other objects under the window.

Measure the Furniture You Already Have

Before going to buy new furniture, measure the furniture already sitting in your bedroom or lounge room. You may be able to find pieces that match their height and will give you a better aesthetic when you’re done shopping. If you’re a visual person, consider taking a photo of your furniture and marking measurements directly on the photograph.

Bring Your Sketch with You

It’s a good idea to have a sketch of your room with you when you shop for furniture, rather than just the numerical measurements. That way you’ll be able to look at a piece of furniture and consider where it will go, rather than just whether or not you can get it into the room. Remember that you want your furniture to be functional -- meaning you will need to account for spaces to walk around inside the room. If you’re considering a piece of furniture that’s pushing the limit of whether it will fit or not, having your sketch with you will help you think about how you can rearrange your furniture to make it fit.

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